Google Wallet in the UK?

There is still no confirmed launch date for Google Wallet in the UK, but the recent blending of Google Checkout into Google Wallet is a welcome move to simplify Google’s transaction platform.

What’s even more significant is the potential to better track the value of your customers as they purchase both on- and off-line. Think of all the additional analytics data that can be gathered as you identify which customers prefer in-store shopping vs. mobile or desktop?

But how long before PayPal launch their next innovation?


Samsung Unpacked App – a cool way to support a product launch

With the launch of the next Google Nexus phone imminent, there’s certainly a lot of buzz around the phone (or is it tablet? or both?)

What better way to get people even more excited than to provide an app to support the event?

The execution is pretty simple since the app features:

  • the proposed schedule for the event
  • travel and accommodation info for those attending
  • a sneak peak of the new product (see video below)
  • live streaming of the event

Even more importantly, the app will update with more content as the product is launched…talking about whetting the appetite.

Take note Apple!


POSTSCRIPT: With the event now being delayed, I’m surprised that the app hasn’t been updated to reflect this. It’s still counting down the time until the original deadline tomorrow.

Why are there so many bad uses of QR codes?


I’m sure that QR codes can find a useful home in many marketing campaigns but I’m seeing some really pour uses of these modern barcode too.

The other day I received an email with a QR code as the call to action. How crazy is that? I have to scan the QR code with a different device when a hyperlink would have been perfectly fine!

So I’ve finally got round to reading this month’s WIRED magazine and I see the Ad above.

So what’s wrong with it?

I scan the code and my browser opens to a site declaring it is not optimised for mobile devices! What else am I going to scan the QR code with??

Seen any other crap examples of QR codes?

What is 3G coverage “really” like in the UK?

Mapping 3G coverage in the UK.We’ve all experienced signal drops in areas that our networks claim have higher coverage, so it was interesting to hear, Radio 4’s Today programme, about a project to investigate this.

Providing you have an Android phone (apparently it’s harder to make a iPhone app run in the background) you can download the app from the android market, and help with the survey.


UK 3G Survey app draining battery

Thanks to the tip off from Judi Mae it seems that the app had a massive impact on battery life. I’ve just looked at the battery usage on my Nexus S and it’s definitely true.

UPDATE 19/07/11

The app has now been updated to reduce battery drain. Great work Epitiro!

Did Google just go into overdrive?

I’ve been locked away in a productive internal training session for most of the day so I’m only just catching up on a load of emails, posts and tweets.

What the hell happened with Google? They just launched three very interesting pieces of tech, and at least one of them could be revolutionary.

1. Yeah , everybody is talking about Google + and I just caught a piece on Sky News, labeling it as the Facebook challenger….and yes, I would like an invite, please!

2. With so few advertisers having mobile ready websites, Google Sites Mobile is the perfect solution – especially for SMEs

3. Finally, the Google Developers have rolled out an amazingly useful tool, called Swiffy, to convert flash files into the more apple-friendly HTML5

What are they putting in the water over there?

Amongst all this impressive news it’s almost possible to miss MySpace getting acquired by Specific Media.

Time to go and work out what this all means!

Reviving a dead Nexus One

Dead Android

Well that was a pretty tense weekend! I’m harmlessly using my Nexus One and suddenly the screen goes blank and it won’t turn back on. I start to worry it’s a broken power button (again!) but when I plus it into the charger there’s no light. Nothing.

Mortified, I spent the next hour taking the battery out and replacing it, both with and without the charging cable plugged in, and holding down the power for different lengths of time before starting the routine all over again.

It was then I realised the device had flat-lined :-(

Now I get the shakes if I go a day without my smartphone so I instantly buried my grief and got on with searched for a new and improved model. After a few searches and some tweets (I’m a model digital consumer!) I settled on the Galaxy S II: partly through it’s spec; partly because Amazon could deliver one to the office Monday morning.

Out of pocket, but gradually over my loss, I got on with the rest of my weekend.

…but on Sunday I unplugged the phone from the charger, where I’d left it the day before, and there was a flicker of light on the screen.

I jumped back on the forums and found that it appeared that a hard reset and a memory wipe would resolve things:

Hard resetting the Nexus One with the Hard button factory data reset. (volume down and power button)
The device must be powered OFF to perform this reset. If the device is on, turn it off. (If the device is not responsive and does not turn off, remove the battery and re-insert it.)
While holding down the volume button on the side of the N1, press the power button briefly while maintaining the volume button pressed in for around 5-10 seconds.
You should be presented with a menu that allows for: Fastbook, Recovery, Clear Storage, and Simlock. You can release the volume button at this time.
Select Clear storage with the volume button up and down, then press and release the power button to make the selection.
It will ask you to confirm this decision. Press the yes button using the volume up

Low and behold the Nexus One gradually started up again and the backup from my Google Account brought back some, but not all, of my settings and apps.

It was at this point I learnt:

  1. Android Market only keeps a backup of your purchased apps so you have to remember which free apps you downloaded and install them again.
  2. Remembering which apps you had is hard
  3. Finding and downloading them takes ages – but you can speed things up by looking in you “My Market Account” on the Android Market via a desktop PC – why can’t you do that from the phone???
  4. I didn’t need the expensive smartphone I’d ordered off Amazon.

Hopefully I won’t have to go through that ordeal again for a while!