Google image search on desktop

image search on desktop

Drag images into the search box


While there was no mention of Google’s “Emerald Sea” social product unveiled today at the “inside search” event; the announcements about voice search and mobile search were pretty impressing.

Searching with images, however, was the most intriguing for me. Surely this facility will be amazingly useful in the retail (find a shirt like this), property (I want a house that looks like this), and dating (you work it out!) categories?


Bing Voice search comes to Kinect

Bing Voice Search on xBox

Just as we’re getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities within mobile search, it looks like we have more channels to contend with. With Google TV already live in the US, and guides to optimising your site for TV already exist; truly cross-channel digital campaigns are on their way.

With Bing Voice search Microsoft is really starting to leverage all it’s different online assets, including Kinect, it’s revolutionary games controller.

Don’t worry too much about the impact on your campaigns just yet though. The service is initially designed to search content on the console and the xBox LIVE network.

Speaking event – Search with a digital heartbeat

Following last week’s SAScon event in Manchester, I’m back in town this Thursday for the DMA’s  Marketing with a Digital Heartbeat event. I’m looking forward to presenting alongside the team from 2Ergo and Paul Kennedy from CallCredit and hope to give the crowd a view of how fast things are still moving in the world of search and social media.

If you want to come along and ask some tricky questions, fell free to sign-up here.

The year of mobile is already upon us and Google has already nailed it!

After years of failing to get excited about mobile marketing I have to admit that it has suddenly become credible.

Latitude has just published some stats on mobile paid search that shows Google’s mobile search ads nearly surpassing Bing entire PPC volumes.

Further data from highlights that Google has already won the game with over 98% of mobile search traffic!

This will be testing times for Microsoft’s Digital Advertising division as the re-enter the mobile OS race with Windows 7, starting in last place. Nevertheless, they’ve already demonstrated their ability to surge ahead as a late entrant in the gaming sector. Can they do the same in mobile?

We going to see lots more press about the growth of mobile marketing in the coming months, but this time I’m willing to believe it!